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Arcor, multiple-award winner for being a sustainable company

Well-known institutions highlight our sustainable management focused on the creation of economic, social and environmental value.

Since 1951, Arcor Group has pursued the same dream: to be a company that grows taking care of people and the planet.


We were founded with the aim of producing quality food that is accessible to consumers around the world. Since our creation, and through the first collaborative social initiatives in the plants, we expressed our conviction of being a responsible member of the community.


Thus, we deepened the integration of sustainable development in our business model and expressed our commitment to sustainability in the Mission, Vision, Values, Code of Ethics and Conduct, and Sustainability Policy, comprised of a general commitment to sustainable development and five Specific commitments with the most relevant and priority topics for the business and our stakeholders: rational use of water, energy efficiency and climate change, rational use of packaging materials, respect for and protection of Human and Labor Rights, and active life and healthy nutrition.






During November, we were recognized by well-known institutions for some of the initiatives we promote:






The Argentine-British Chamber of Commerce (CCAB, as per its initials in Spanish) Award for Sustainable Leadership recognizes individuals and organizations that consider issues inherent to sustainable management as part of their DNA and make an innovative and outstanding contribution to the community in which they operate.


This year the 6th edition of the Prize was held and Grupo Arcor obtained the first place in the Innovative Organization category for the preparation of the 2017 Sustainability Report "Nourishing Bonds for Development". We share the podium with Banco Galicia (2nd place) and Toyota Argentina (3rd place).


The Sustainability Report that was awarded can be read by following this link.






Another 1st award we received was for our Sustainable Supply Strategy, this time provided by the United States Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (AMCHAM).


With the Corporate Citizenship Award, AMCHAM promotes sustainability in Argentina, understanding that the articulation of the social, environmental and economic dimensions is a requirement for corporate citizenship and it is key for the development of our country.


The distinction Arcor Group received was framed in the category of Thematic Initiatives (IT, as per its initials in Spanish), which seeks to highlight business practices in the field.


Our Sustainable Supply Strategy includes initiatives aimed at incorporating sustainability into the processes of inputs supply and suppliers’ management. Find out more by clicking here.






Finally, Arcor was recognized by the Argentine Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEADS, as per its initials in Spanish), for the contribution we made as a company to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a resolution of the United Nations Organization in which 17 Objectives and 169 Goals were established that must be met before that year. The agenda addresses key issues in education, housing, food security and the environment.

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