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70 years looking to the future

Since 1951 we believe in entrepreneurs who make their dreams come true

70 years ago a group of young entrepreneurs, led by Fulvio Salvador Pagani, had a dream: to offer consumers around the world quality products at an affordable price. This is how on July 5, 1951 began our history with the first candy factory located in the city of Arroyito (Córdoba), Argentine.

Gradually, we grew and developed in new markets and in different countries around the world, with a premise that accompanies and guides us since then: looking to the future with a purpose, the same one that over these seven decades prompted us to continue growing: to make food trends accessible so that we can all live better and, in this way, give consumers the opportunity to enjoy quality food and transform everyday bonds into magical moments of encounter and celebration.

That vision is the same one that allowed us to transform our candy factory into a world-leading company that reaches more than 100 countries across 3 business divisions: Mass Consumption Food, Agribusiness, and Packaging.

Today we continue looking to the future and imagine a world in which we all have access to what makes us really good: shared enjoyment, small moments of pleasure, quality food and a careful environment.

Our entrepreneurial spirit makes us evolve and grow constantly. This is why, on our 70th anniversary, we celebrate this look to the future and make it known by renewing our image so that together we can go through our past, vibrate the present and project ourselves to the future that we will build together.

May the passion, compromise and entrepreneurial spirit continue being our main developing characterístic for the 70 years to come.

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