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About Arcor

Our Management

Arcor Group’s Board of Directors

Arcor Group's Management is made up of a Chairman and a Board of Directors to which 12 General Managers report.

Arcor Group’s Chairman

Luis Alejandro Pagani


Mr. Alfredo Gustavo Pagani

Regular Directors

Mr. José Enrique Martin

Mr. Alejandro Fabián Fernández

Mr. Víctor Daniel Martin

Mr. Guillermo Ortíz de Rozas

Mr. Fernán Osvaldo Martínez

Mr. Alfredo Miguel Irigoin

Alternate Directors

Miss. Lilia María Pagani

Mrs. Karina Ana Mercedes Pagani de Cañarte

Mrs. Marcela Carolina Giai

The Board of Directors divides into 12 General Management Divisions, distributed according to Arcor's different business units.