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About Arcor



Since Arcor Group's inception, innovation was always in its DNA. Arcor is the result of the dream of a group of young pioneers who, with entrepreneur spirit, created a candy factory, and made it a leading multinational group. To achieve this, innovation has always been present in each step. Innovation in the first manufacturing processes, in launching new products and vertical integration, in developing new businesses and strategic alliances, and in creating a retail distribution model considered world-class.

Furthermore, innovation is applied from its development of consumer food products in the field, ranging from packaging and raw materials and agro-industrial products the Group itself produces.

The innovation of new products is not only present in the development of consumer food products, but also in materials and raw materials the Group itself manufactures.


Arcor’s Award to Innovation

Arcor's Award to Innovation arises in 2009 to reaffirm its commitment towards the industry's development and the promotion of scientific and technological activities of the country. Furthermore, it seeks to foster innovation and technological development to translate them into increased productivity and competitiveness in the food industry sector, better living conditions and social situation of communities. It also seeks to acknowledge and encourage the talent and entrepreneurial attitudes and contribute to the relationship between science and the industry.

Accordingly, it proposes itself to create an instance of identification and appreciation of the research activity to pass its results more effectively to the industry.

The prize award organized between Arcor and the Secretariat of Government of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, is the first prize of these characteristics in the sphere of the food industry in our country.


  1. Foster the innovation culture and support the technological development in the food sector to have a positive impact on the community.

  2. Encourage the integrated management of innovation.

  3. Contribute to the relationship between science sectors and the industry.

  4. Acknowledge and encourage the talent, research and socially committed entrepreneurial attitudes.


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Arcor’s Award to Innovation - 2019 Edition

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Prize Award

Project Title: "Development of Bioactive Papers for Food Packaging"

Institution: Institute of Research and Development in Process Engineering and Applied Chemistry (IPQA-CONICET-UNC), Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

Director: Raquel Evangelina Martini

City, Province: Córdoba City, Córdoba.

Arcor Foundation's Mention:

Project Title: "Development of a food based on pumpkin fortified with iron and probiotics"

Institution: Department of Industries, School of Exact and Natural Sciences of the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Director: Marina Francisca de Escalada Pla

City, Province: Buenos Aires.


Prize Award

Project Title: "New Food Manufactured from Solanum Betaceum Fruits, Native from Argentina, with Functional Properties"

Institution: LIPRON - INQUINOA (CONICET); School of Natural Sciences and Miguel Lillo Institute (Universidad Nacional de Tucumán)

Director: María Inés ISLA

City, Province: San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán

Arcor Foundation's Mention:

Project Title: "Development of Breaded Products and Fresh Pasta Suitable for Celiac Disease Patients Based on Quinoa Flour Mixtures and Different Varieties of Corn"

Institution: School of Engineering of Universidad Nacional de Jujuy

Director: Rebeca Inés PONCE

City, Province: San Salvador, Jujuy


Prize Award

Project Title: "Development of a High-quality Powder that Contains Red Wine Polyphenols and its Application as Ingredient in Healthy Beverages".

Institution: Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina - School of Agricultural Sciences.

Director: María Clara Zamora

City, Province: Buenos Aires

Arcor Foundation's Mention:

Project Title: "Food Fortified with Bovine Hemoglobin Powder"

Institution: Universidad FASTA

Director: Ivonne Corti

City, Province: Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires


Prize Award

Project Title: "Biodegradable Active Multilayer and Gelatin-based Closable Films".

Institution: Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencia y Tecnología de Materiales (INTEMA) (Institute for the Research in Materials Science and Technology).

Director: Ms. Roxana Alejandra Ruseckaite

City, Province: Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires

Arcor Foundation's Mention:

Project Title: "Production of Dry Pasta with Seaweeds, a Resource of the Argentine Patagonian Coast"

Institution: Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco

Director: María Angélica Fajardo.


Prize Award

Project Title: "Development, Characterization and Application of Starch-based Biodegradable Active Packaging, Films and Coatings".

Institution: Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo en Criotecnología (The Food Cryotechnology Research and Development Centre) (CIDCA) – UNLP.

Director: Ms. María Alejandra GARCÍA

Arcor Foundation's Mention:

Project Title: "Obtaining Pasta with Functional Food Properties"

Institution: School of Agricultural Sciences - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Director: Mr. Alberto León