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Arcor is one of the main Food Banks Donor

Donations are distributed to community aid entities from various parts of the country.

One of the pillars of Arcor Group is its commitment to the community. Therefore, we articulate impact actions that can contribute to the social, economic and environmental development of our country. Through our Donations Program, since 2001 we have been consistently and systematically working with the Food Bank Network (REDBdA, as per its initials in Spanish) in Argentina to accompany its mission to reduce hunger, malnutrition and food waste problems. In recent years, we have extended this work to Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

REDBdA is a non-profit civil association created in 2003 that gathers 15 food banks distributed in 11 provinces of the country. The Food Banks search for food that is suitable for human consumption before it is discarded, in order to store it, classify it and deliver it, in a traceable and safe way to community aid entities.

"We chose to help the Argentine Network of Food Banks because we highlight the trust, transparency, traceability and efficiency of their work." Monica Camisasso, Community Relations Manager of Arcor.

 Of the total donations of products that we made from Arcor Group, 60% is channeled through the main Food Banks. So far in 2018, we have delivered 361,000 kg of food that were distributed through the Food Banks of Buenos Aires, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Tandil, Córdoba, Rosario (Santa Fe), Goya (Corrientes), Villa Mercedes (San Luis), Mendoza, Santiago del Estero and Tucumán. This is equivalent to 1,083,000 plates of food offered to more than 300,000 benefited people. In a context in which the strengthening of ties is essential, we support more than 3,000 community organizations that facilitate access to the right to food.

"Working together with Arcor allows their food to reach organizations, communities and children throughout the country in an effective, timely and transparent way. Thank you for trusting and supporting our mission year after year." Argentine Network of Food Banks.

In addition, we are part of the Comité de Donantes del Banco de Alimentos Buenos Aires (Donors Committee of the Food Bank of Buenos Aires). It is a series of meetings aimed at exchanging experiences and good practices among donor companies, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the Bank's mission. They help us optimize the process of our Donation Program and keep us updated on the activities carried out by the Bank.

In its 15 years of experience, the Network allowed the rescue of more than 86 million kilos of food in total - representing more than 257 million plates of food -, avoiding environmental pollution and benefiting hundreds of thousands of people that need it.

Find out more about the work of the Network by clicking here.

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