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We opened our factory in Angola. A step into the future

After several months of intense work and the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes us, today we have inaugurated the largest chocolate, candy and biscuit factory in Angola.

Based on the partnership with Grupo Webcor, an agro-industrial company with a strong presence and knowledge of the Angolan market, we inaugurated Dulcería Nacional, the largest industrial plant in Luanda, Angola, specializing in the production of chocolates, sweets and cookies. 

Africa is undoubtedly very important in our growth strategy; we have been exporting to this destination for more than 30 years. Angola is a prosperous country with enormous potential, a dynamic economy and a strategic location, which allows us to approach the rest of the African market to offer our products.

With an investment of 45 million dollars, this industrial warehouse of 12,000m2 was built, which has the state-of-art technology and responds to the best-in-class practices and quality standards of Grupo Arcor.

We have worked on the products and presentations of brands with a track record and recognized locally as Bon or Bon, Sambapito lollipops, Arcor candies and Merci, Serranitas, Triunfo and Maná cookies, to adapt them to the characteristics and preferences of Angolan consumers.

The facility has a staff of 150 employees from Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Angola; and we plan to continue growing with more jobs. Currently, the production of bon or bon has a capacity of 3,700 tons per year. In addition, we recently incorporated the production of sweet and savory cookies, with a capacity of 7,000 tons per year; and soon, the manufacture of sweets will begin with 5,000 tons.

We hope that our presence in Angola will contribute to the growth of the economy, the creation of jobs and the development of the Angolan market

Bon o Bon in Angola

Bon or bon is an iconic product, highly recognized in the region, and has reached very important sales volumes in recent years, and from this new partnership we will seek to enhance its presence through local manufacturing.

Interesting facts 

       The project for the execution of the work, including the civil construction and assembly of equipment, took more than three years, in a process considered highly complex.

       The factory is fully prepared to triple its production and meet the growing demand of the Angolan market and neighboring countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa.

       The Bon or Bon line wrapper operates at a speed of 850 chocolates per minute, i.e., 14 bonbons per second.

       To ensure an international level of quality, more than 100 trips of qualified professionals from Argentina, Brazil and Italy were needed to train the local workforce. 

       More than 90% of the employees are Angolans.

We were born in Argentina, grew up in Latin America and our market is the world.

This new step allows us to have an industrial presence in the region and deepen the internationalization of the group. Furthermore, we will be able to diversify the supply of products on the local market, and in the future supply all of sub-Saharan Africa, mainly South Africa, Mozambique, Congo, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana.

Once again, our 70 years of experience allow us to continue growing with the aim of making our essence known, always seeking new horizons that allow us to look to the future and continue crossing borders. 


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