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Grow up Playing, for a Childhood without Child Labor Program

  • 21 Child Development Centers (CDI as per its initials in Spanish) in Mendoza, Río Negro and San Juan, operating with an extended working day for the care and attention of the harvesters' children of Arcor Group's suppliers.
  • 22 CDIs in Mendoza equipped with games kits to promote children’s active lives and more than 50 teachers trained to use them properly.
  • 95 fruit and vegetable suppliers involved.
  • + 400 girls and boys attending CDIs.
  • Agreements and work alliances with the local governments of 7 towns and/or districts and with the provincial governments of Mendoza, Río Negro and San Juan.

 This initiative has been carried out by the Food Business Unit since 2006, and aims at engaging the supply chain in the elimination of child labor in production farms located in the provinces of Mendoza, Río Negro and San Juan.

This program has three specific lines of action:

  1. Intervention: opening of CDIs for the children of fruit and vegetable harvesters during the harvest season.
  2. Awareness: training to stakeholders in issues related to the elimination of child labor.
  3. Business Relations: execution of agreements against child labor to ensure joint commitment.

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