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  • Check that the packaging is in good condition (intact, well- sealed).
  • Check the expiration date of the product.


  • Avoid exposing food to heat, direct sunlight, wind and rain.
  • Keep chocolates and chocolate products between 15 and 25°C (preferably at 20°C) and between 45 and 60% humidity. Avoid exposing chocolates to temperatures above 25ºC so that the Fat Bloom defect does not occur (the surface of the chocolate becomes whitish, opaque and the texture of the product changes). There are other products such as Mogul gummy candies that also need to be kept in these temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Keep ice creams between -18ºC and -24ºC, avoiding at all times cutting the cold chain.
  • Keep products dry (those that do not require freezing or refrigeration conditions) at an average temperature of 30ºC and a maximum of 35ºC (at specific times).


  • Keep food in clean, dry and ventilated storage areas.
  • Clean storage areas regularly. Do it with a dry or slightly damp cloth and wait until the area is completely dry before putting the products back on.
  • Do not store foodstuffs together with aromatic substances or chemical products —for example solvents, cleaning products, scented products—, since cookies/crackers and chocolates, among other products, are prone to absorb odors due to their fat content.
  • Do not allow cardboard boxes to become wet.
  • Do not leave food in direct contact with the ground.
  • Ensure the absence of moths, weevils and other insects in the storage facility, since they will contaminate products if present.
  • Keep food in insect- and rodent-free areas.
  • Damaged containers spilling product should be immediately separated from the rest.
  • Follow the storage and preservation instructions on the product packaging.
  • In the case of food products in cans, in tetra brik containers and in sachets-doypacks, it is very important that once opened, the remaining contents are stored in another non-metallic container with a lid, kept refrigerated and consumed within a period no longer than 3 days.
  • For a better preservation of cookies, once the package has been opened, it is recommended to store the leftover cookies in a container with a lid, in order to avoid them being exposed to insects and humidity.