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We were present at the Sweets & Snacks Fair in the US

The fair, which gathers a thousand exhibitors from 80 countries, was held in Indianapolis and featured a stand showcasing our iconic brands Bon o Bon and Butter Toffees.


Sweets & Snacks is the premier event for the candy and snack industries worldwide. Sponsored by the US National Confectioners Association, this fair showcases innovative products and brings together industry professionals to explore new business opportunities and be inspired by new trends. 

Mario Federici, Manager for Central America and the Caribbean, USA & Canada, stated: “Sweets & Snacks is the icon of the confectionery market in the United States, Canada and Central America. Arcor has been in the US for 57 years, and today we are working extensively on expanding our distributor network.”

Meanwhile, Marcelo Diez, General Manager of Consumer Goods Overseas, explained: “International business has been part of our history from the beginning, with the group exporting to over 100 countries. Our current presence has strengthened and developed significantly in recent years. We have established a strong presence through a private label production model for some major chains in the American market. Additionally, we are pursuing another growth path, which is the development of our own brands.”

At Grupo Arcor, we created a unique stand featuring our primary brand overseas, Bon o Bon, along with its entire portfolio including chocolates, wafers, and alfajores in various flavors. In addition, the booth also had a section dedicated to Butter Toffees candies, showcasing all their flavors. To engage with over 16,000 attendees at this fair, we created sampling stations where products could be tasted. Promoters handed out delicious Bon o Bon chocolates, and a character of this iconic brand walked around the stand, which proved to be a significant highlight.

As stated by Gabriel Porciani, General Manager of Mass Consumption: “Our core brand, most emblematic in the American market, is Bon o Bon, which offers a wide range of products, all sharing similar characteristics related to their accessibility.”

Martín Virues, Regional Marketing Manager, added: “Today, we are expanding the distribution of Bon o Bon in the United States, and we are currently in 15 states. In stores where Bon o Bon is present, we aim for comprehensive development with visibility at the check-outs, in primary displays and on islands to maximize growth potential.”

In this way, we crossed borders once again and delighted consumers with unique flavors. The event will be held again next year, giving us another opportunity to showcase new launches.

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