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At Arcor, Innovation Has Its Own Award

Are you an entrepreneur, researcher or do you have a Pyme (small and medium-sized enterprise, SME)? Apply for the Arcor Innovation Award. This edition is organized together with the National Agency for Science and Technology Promotion. The best work will receive $ 200,000 and Arcor Foundation will give a special mention of $ 100,000.

Arcor Group and the National Agency for Science and Technology Promotion, invite you to participate in the 6th edition of the Arcor Innovation Award, aimed at entrepreneurs, researchers and SMEs in Argentina.
The aim of the initiative is to foster technological development in the food sector, so that it has a positive impact on the community. In this way, it seeks to recognize and stimulate talent and entrepreneurial attitudes, promote innovation and contribute to the linking of the scientific and industrial sectors.
For this reason, we call entrepreneurs with a scientific and / or technological project; SMEs of Argentine capital which have started operations more than two years ago; researchers and / or groups or associations of researchers of any public or private institution based in the country; and entrepreneurs of social projects, groups and / or associations of socially vulnerable sectors, cooperatives, etc.
The winning Project will receive $200.000 to help execute the project. Besides, the Arcor Foundation Special Mention grants $100.000 for the project that has a marked social profile and that presents an explicit contribution to the improvement of the living conditions of children, especially in response to the needs of groups in vulnerable situations.
The 2019 edition of the prize introduces a modality that streamlines the process of presenting projects. Thanks to the synergy with the Agency, the application can be made online in the Argentine Innovation Market (MIA).
This open platform encourages the interaction among researchers, technologists, professionals, organizations and companies in order to materialize their innovation projects.
Another novelty of the 2019 edition is the dynamics of choosing the winners. This year the Arcor-SeCyT Pitch Day was added. It is the day in which the five finalists present their projects before the jury. In preparation for this day, virtual trainings and a face-to-face mentoring day are offered.

Areas of interest of the Arcor Innovation Award

As a first requirement to be accepted, the project must refer to any of the following areas of interest
Improvement in the nutritional composition (profile) and/ or functionality of canned food and fruit juices and vegetables (including jellies); powdered mix to prepare food; cookies; candies with or without cacao; products derived from corn and cereals.

Innovation in food production and functional ingredients derived from fine fruits.

New technologies applied to improvements in oxygen barrier, water vapor, heat, UV rays and mechanical properties of flexible containers in contact with food.

New active biodegradable and/ or smart materials for the preservation and transportation of food products.

Technologies applicable to the development of new generations of corrugated cardboard.

Application of new innovative technologies in corn, tomatoes, peaches and sugar cane crops.

New nutritional knowledge (e.g. nutrients, bioactive compounds, bioavailability, impact on microbiota) for the innovative development of canned foods and fruit and vegetable juices (including jams); powder mixtures for preparing food; cookies; confectionery with or without cocoa; products derived from corn and cereals.

Innovative product design, based on studies of consumer behavior.

If you are interested in applying, you can do it until April 30, 2019. Bases and conditions to apply for the Arcor Innovation Prize are available on and

In order to clarify any doubts or make inquiries regarding the prize, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

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