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Reuse of Treated Effluents at Mundo Dulce, Toluca, Mexico

15% reduction in water use, as compared to 2015

The confectionery plant in Mexico has an effluent treatment plant with excellent results in the breakdown of organic matter, achieving discharge parameters that allow for the possibility of water reuse.

Therefore, it was decided to use treated effluents at the facilities’ restrooms. The system design includes a sand filter, a carbon filter, a chlorine dosing station, a cistern with a storage capacity of 10m3, and distribution to three sanitary units, each one with a storage tank.

Total construction costs amounted to $MN 533,830 for the thermo-mechanical installation and $MN 116,630 for the electrical and control installations. Such improvement allows the recovery of 25m3 of water daily, which represents 10% of total water use at the plant.

Incoming water is provided by the industrial park administration where the plant is located, at a cost of $MN 29.79/m3; since water reuse implies a reduction in the amount of water purchased. Overall, this improvement represents an annual savings of $MN 268,110.





Water Consumption (m3/Tn)



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