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Arcor Group Presents its 7th Edition of the Young Entrepreneurs Program

The Company, leader in consumer food products, agribusiness and packaging, is looking to add 21 young talents

With the objective of offering opportunities for development, entrepreneurship and new challenges, Arcor Group once again calls on young people of up to 27 years of age to innovate, take part in and carry out large projects together with the leading food Company in Argentina. The Young Entrepreneurs Program targets professionals from the following fields: Engineering (Industrial, Mechanics, Electronics, Electromechanics, Chemistry, Food, Systems), Public Accountant, Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Labor Relations, Human Resources, Marketing and Commercialization.

In this 2018 edition, in addition to recruiting talents for in-house development, Arcor Group is seeking to provide a competitive advantage to 21 young graduates or those about to graduate by offering them the possibility of becoming self-sufficient, with the ability to make, propose, develop and innovate in a leading company with important and well-known brands in the market. The Company is also offering actual employment and significant initial working conditions such as: one-year accommodation in the assigned places, travel to their home city and medical coverage through prepaid medical insurance.

The call is open until June 2018: Click here

The Young Entrepreneurs Program will run for 13 months starting in June. Each of the selected participants will carry out two rotations involving different projects, areas and businesses of the Company, so that young entrepreneurs acquire a global view of the Company and its performance in the market. The program also includes training, one-on-one tutoring and mentoring to guide the young professional and individual follow-up by Arcor's Human Resources Department.

María Belén Vallone, Corporate Human Resource Planning and Development Manager at Arcor Group, said that “the Company's goal is to foster the growth and development of future professionals who, with new ideas, an entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm and commitment, can contribute to the business' competitiveness”.

Throughout its history, the Young Entrepreneurs Program has recruited more than 100 young people in Argentina and has expanded to different countries, such as Chile and Brazil.

In a constant search for new talents, the Young Entrepreneurs Program is another Arcor Group's initiative to encourage teamwork, innovation and a sense of belonging within the Company, which stands out as an employing brand and one of the most attractive companies to work for in Argentina. Since 2003, the Company has maintained its leadership in the Business Prestige Ranking and ranked 2nd in the 2017 Randstad Employer Brand Research Award. It also ranked third place in the 2017 Youth Dream Company Ranking and the Merco Talento Ranking, a report that identifies the 50 companies with the greatest capacity to retain and attract talent.



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