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Laboratorios Bagó and Arcor Group Team Up to Innovate and Launch a Line of Dietary Supplements

Based on their shared values and passion for innovation, Bagó and Arcor have formed an alliance to undertake new challenges that contribute to improving people's quality of life.


With a joint investment of more than AR$ 90 million, the alliance between Laboratorios Bagó and Arcor Group marks the union of two Argentine companies that have decided to share their experiences and backgrounds in the field of health and nutrition to create Simple, a line of dietary supplements that helps to restore, in a practical way, the necessary nutrients that may be lacking in the daily diet.

At this stage of launch, the Simple line is made up of five products: Simple Vitalidad (Simple Vitality) — to improve physical and mental performance (presentation: gum tablets); Simple Fibra (Simple Fiber) — to regulate and normalize intestinal transit (presentation: gum tablets); Simple Calcio + vitamina D (Simple Calcium + Vitamin D) — to maintain bone health (presentation: gum tablets); Simple Dieta Control (Simple Diet Control) — to help consumers eat properly and control weight (presentation: chewing gums); and Simple Proteína + Energía (Simple Protein + Energy) perfect for muscles to recover faster after — to help muscles recover after physical activity (presentation: bar).

Through interesting and productive joint work, both companies teamed up their innovation expertise in their respective fields. Arcor developed the food base necessary to take care of the texture and taste characteristics, incorporate the main ingredients and achieve a superior product. As for Laboratorios Bagó, it contributed its entire scientific background to develop not only the pharmaceutical products but also the control protocols required to ensure the quality and functionality of the new products.

The Simple line is manufactured in the Arcor Group' plants in Recreo - Catamarca, Colonia Caroya - Córdoba and Arroyito - Córdoba, in which investments were made for the production of this type of product and Laboratorios Bagó's know-how in the health industry was incorporated. The products will be over-the-counter and will be sold through pharmacies starting in April.

Looking to contribute to the Argentineans' well-being and with the idea that thinking big in our country is possible, Laboratorios Bagó and Arcor Group seek to make it easier for people to adopt healthy habits. In this spirit, both companies strengthen their commitment towards active life and healthy nutrition, as part of their Sustainability Policy.


  • SIMPLE VITALIDAD (SIMPLE VITALITY): It is a user-friendly way to provide the vitamins and minerals that the body needs, helping to improve your physical and mental performance (presentation: gum tablets).
  • SIMPLE FIBRA (SIMPLE FIBER): It complements the soluble fiber content of the diet to normalize and regularize the intestinal transit (presentation: gum tablets).
  • SIMPLE CALCIO (SIMPLE CALCIUM): It provides the calcium and vitamin D required to strengthen the bones and teeth and prevent osteoporosis (presentation: gum tablets).
  • SIMPLE DIETA CONTROL (SIMPLE DIET CONTROL): It combines green coffee bean extract, Garcinia Cambogia, L-Carnitine and vitamin B6, helping to create a feeling of satiety, optimize the metabolization of glucose and inhibit the synthesis of fats (presentation: chewing gums).
  • SIMPLE PROTEÍNAS Y ENERGÍA (SIMPLE PROTEINS AND ENERGY): it is a bar containing 16 grams of protein, made up of natural ingredients. It is perfect to complement and support recovery after physical activity or to eat as a snack between main meals, helping to create a feeling of satiety (presentation: bar).


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