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Use of Sludge Generated at Effluent Treatment Plants to Improve the Soil, at La Campagnola, San Juan, Argentina

At La Campagnola San Juan canned tomatoes are produced. A biosludge is generated at its liquid effluent treatment plant, which is subsequently disposed of in the sanitary landfill.


In the search for alternatives to use this material, a technical assistance agreement was entered with INTA and efforts were geared towards the development of an agricultural product that may use this biosludge.

The study was conducted with the aim of analyzing the effect of industrial sludge application on agricultural lands, based on soil quality parameters and yields of feed crops. Application was carried out on a land owned by INTA, using the experimental design to ensure the reliability of the results obtained.

The results show the benefits of a controlled application of biological treatment plant sludge into croplands. Similar practices were tested and implemented, yielding positive results at the operating bases of Arroyito, Córdoba and Lules, Tucumán, Argentina.


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