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What do you eat between meals?

According to the study "What do you eat between meals?" conducted by Datos Claros for Arcor, 7 out of 10 people regularly eat snacks and use that part of the day as a recreational moment to vary among different types of food.

Snacks, that is, what we eat outside of the four main meals, are a frequent habit in our country. Argentine people have several snacks during the day, sometimes due to a lack of time and other times to give themselves a treat or have a relaxing moment during their routine.

In some cases, the lack of control in snacks can contribute to high calorie intake and weight gain. In this sense, in order to have a balanced diet, the key is to incorporate snacks into our routine in the appropriate frequency and quantity.

According to the survey conducted by Datos Claros for Arcor in July of this year, more than 90% of the surveyed people said that it is important to have healthy lifestyle habits, 65% are concerned about eating a balanced diet, and 81% consider that people can eat everything provided that it is done with moderation.
Regarding snacks, 70% of the surveyed people said they regularly eat snacks and 66% said that it is usually rewarded with sweets, cookies, nibbles and desserts.

As regards frequency, more than half of the people who eat snacks do it on a daily basis, once or more than once a day, both during weekdays and at the weekend; women being the ones who do it more frequently compared to men: 73% stated having snacks at least once a day, every day; while men, 57%.

The secret of healthy nutrition is to know how often and in what portion sizes we can eat the food we like.

According to the study, more than half of the people surveyed believe that snacks are part of a healthy diet and that they have a positive effect on mood. 63% consider that eating snacks improves mood and 58% consider that eating snacks makes them feel more energetic.
What are the attributes most valued by Argentines when it comes to choosing a snack?

  • Tasty
  • Affordable price Availability
  • Practicality - Being able to eat it anywhere
  • Tasty and healthy
  • Able to quench
  • Practical containers
  • The right portion size

62% value the "right portion size" when choosing a snack.

Moreover, the survey revealed that, when eating a snack, most people -7 out of 10 -allow themselves to often change snack options. At this very moment, freedom and pleasant, there is room for a wide variety of products: from fresh fruits and dairy products to chocolates and sweets, depending on the context and the desire.

The foods chosen as snacks are really varied:

  • Cereal bars: 42%
  • Chocolate: 40%
  • Nougat candies: 40%
  • Sweet cookies: 38%
  • Traditional alfajores: 38%
  • Fresh fruit: 38%
  • Yogurt / Dairy desserts: 37%
  • Hard cheese, semi hard. soft sliced: 36%
  • Nuts and/or seeds: 36%
  • Fried and/or baked salty snacks: 36%
  • Crackers: 32%
  • Cereals: 31%
  • Pastry products: 37%
  • Confectionery: 26%
  • Coated wafers/cookies: 25%
  • Sweet pastry products: 24%
  • Alfajores/cookies/rice snacks: 23%
  • Bizcochos salados (typically Argentine square-shaped flaky bun): 23%
  • Bread: 22%
  • Toast: 21%
  • Bizcochos dulces (typically Argentine square-shaped flaky bun): 17%
  • Dehydrated fruit: 14%
  • Raw vegies: 5%
  • Other: 4%


In order to enjoy the food that we like most within a balanced diet that includes all kinds of food, Arcor created the program "Tu Porción Justa" (Your Right Portion Size), which indicates through a logo on the packaging the recommended daily quantity of the products that are part of the program.

Look for the logo "Tu Porción Justa" (Your Right Portion Size) on the Arcor products eat your snacks in a tasty and healthy way!

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