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How we Produce our Gluten-free Chocolates

At Arcor we developed the first line of gluten-free chocolates of our portfolio. For this, we adapted the production lines of the Colonia Caroya plant to be approved as Gluten Free and guarantee maximum safety and quality.

In Argentina, it is estimated that 1 of every 100 inhabitants can be celiac. The number of celiac people is increasing year after year, so more and more people need gluten-free food.

In this sense, at the end of 2017, and after the joint work of the Research and Development and Industrial areas, we launched to the market the first chocolates without T.A.C.C. (wheat, oats, barley and rye): Águila black and white tablets (100, 150 and 250 grams), Águila 60 % cocoa, the 25-gram Arcor chocolates and the 100-gram Godet and Misky tablets.

Our Work at the Colonia Caroya Plant

To develop our gluten-free chocolates, the Colonia Caroya plant in Córdoba carried out an intense restructuring, training and awareness work.

"The implementation of these changes to have sanitary authorization to develop “gluten-free products" has various stages that include both work on the processes, addressing design issues, and on people, who end up being the key to ensure that our products can be without T.A.C.C. ", explains Horacio Gioino, Production Manager of the Colonia Caroya plant.

In order to achieve sanitary approval, all the links in the value chain had to be considered as well as all the actors that participate in it: suppliers, collaborators, health authorities, certifying entities, customers and, mainly, consumers. A summary of the steps is presented here:

Step 1

The process began in 2016 with a technical evaluation and validation meetings with the main food authorities of Córdoba.

Step 2

With the approval of the project and with the Colonia Caroya Plant running, modifications were carried out. First, the flour silos were physically separated, then, the materials containing gluten were identified and exclusive production lines were assigned for these products. Finally, new equipment was incorporated and processes were reformulated to avoid cross contamination (such as clothing and utensils exclusively for the area without T.A.C.C.).

Step 3

After these processes, the plant went through a rigorous audit and was approved for the development of Gluten-Free Products.

Step 4

In collaboration with the Asociación Celíaca Argentina (Argentine Association for Celiacs), a series of training sessions on gluten-free products was carried out for more than 500 employees of the Colonia Caroya Plant of the Arcor Group.

Step 5

without T.A.C.C. under the brands Arcor, Godet, Misky and Aguila were approved by the Sanitary Authority of the Province of Córdoba as gluten-free, with a safety and quality guarantee.

#SinTaccConAmor (#GlutenFreewithLove)

We are committed so that the celiac community can count on products that can be found in any sales channel and throughout the country at an affordable price. Therefore, since 2012 each of our Businesses works with the aim of increasing the number of gluten-free products.

We are recognized by the Argentine Celiac Association as one of the mass consumption companies with the largest number of gluten-free products in the country. Currently, we have more than 300 products without T.A.C.C. among which are: canned food, jams, juices, mixed nuts and seeds, solid candies, candies, gummies and, recently, chocolates, among others.

To get to know all our gluten-free products, click here.

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