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The 0% jams have arrived with no added sugar

Great to enjoy the sweet moments of the day with the same flavor, but with no added sugar.

With the aim of promoting a balanced diet, Arcor Group launches the first jams 0% with no added sugar, for those who enjoy taking care of themselves or who need to reduce sugar consumption.

Is a jam with no added sugar possible?

To reach this new product, the challenge was to remove all the sugar that a food naturally has, since a jam is achieved by cooking fruit with sugar.

Initially, the Development team of La Campagnola Villa Mercedes did some research on different trends in the world for the substitution of sugars. After analyzing different options, the team decided to use two substitutes: Sorbitol, a sweet polyalcohol, and sucralose, a non-caloric sweetener. This combination, added to a high-quality raw material, allows the jam to maintain its spreadable consistency and tasty flavor.

A new alternative for those who choose sugar-free breakfast and snacks.

"For us, it was essential that the consumer did not have put flavor aside. After two years of work and many pilot tests, we are proud to have achieved a product of excellent quality and unique in the Argentine market." Luciana Osimani, Development Manager of La Campagnola Villa Mercedes.

You can find the new Arcor 0% jams in the strawberry and peach varieties. These two flavors were chosen because they are the most popular among Argentines: 75,000 units of each product are produced every year!

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