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In the Celiac Month, Arcor Group Expands its Product Portfolio and Is Ranked as the Argentine Consumer Food Company with the Largest Gluten-free Products

Arcor Group continues to strengthen its ties with the celiac community through the social networking campaign “Sin TACC, con AMOR (Without TACC [wheat-, oat-, barley- and rye-free], with LOVE)” and its more than 300 gluten-free products, now including the chocolate category with 17 presentations.

Buenos Aires, May 2018 - Under the slogan “Sin TACC, con AMOR (Without TACC, with LOVE)”, Arcor Group invites people to join the Celiac Disease Patient’s Month, to share more moments and recipes with celiac friends and family. This campaign is being promoted on the Company's social networks during May, with the release of recipes with no wheat, oat, barley and rye, the presentation of the new gluten-free chocolates under the Arcor, Godet, Misky and Aguila brands and a consumer contest, with the aim of further strengthening their relationship with the celiac community.

To participate in the contest, consumers are required to access Arcor's Facebook pages ( o Instagram ( and reply to a post stating to whom they would prepare a #SinTaccConAmor recipe and what that recipe is. The prize consists of Arcor gluten-free products and kitchen utensils (an apron and a set of spoons). This initiative will also encourage the sharing of recipes among consumers.

It is estimated that in Argentina, 1 in 100 people may be suffering from celiac disease. As the disease is being detected increasingly year after year, more and more people need gluten-free food. To meet this growing demand, Arcor Group is committed to continuing to develop new products without wheat, oats, barley, rye. In this sense, thanks to the synergy and work of many areas, the Company’s first gluten-free chocolates started to be produced at the Arcor plant in Colonia Caroya, province of Córdoba.

The following are the chocolates that were approved by the health authority as gluten-free: ARCOR Milk Chocolate x 25g (RNPA 4065783), ARCOR White Chocolate x 25g (04065784), ARCOR Semi-Dark Chocolate 50% x 25g (RNPA 04066471), GODET Family Milk Chocolate x 100g (RNPA 04014952), MISKY Baking Chocolate x 100g (RNPA 04028294), MISKY White Chocolate x 25g and 50g (RNPA 04065782), AGUILA White Couverture Chocolate x 5kg (RNPA 04037381), AGUILA White Chocolate x 100g (RNPA 04045551), AGUILA Couverture Chocolate Pellets x 10kg (RNPA 04048135), AGUILA Semi-Dark Chocolate x5kg (RNPA 04065785), AGUILA Chocolate 60% Cocoa x 150g (RNPA 04065865) and AGUILA Family Milk Chocolate x 100g, 150g and 225g (RNPA 04065866), MISKY Milk Chocolate x 25g and 50g (RNPA 04065786).

Arcor Group has been recognized by the Argentine Celiac Association as one of the consumer foods company with the largest number of gluten-free products in the country. Arcor has more than 300 products without TACC (wheat, oats, barley, rye), namely: canned food, marmalades, juices, mixtures of dried fruits and seeds, solid sweets, candies, gummy candies and the new chocolates, among others. For a full list of Arcor products without TACC, please visit:

Arcor Group has recently presented its Food and Healthy Lifestyle Strategy. On the understanding that Eating is Nourishing Oneself + Obtaining Satisfaction + Building Relationships, this commitment involved the creation in 2017 of a Nutrition Committee responsible for enforcing its objectives: optimizing products, intensifying nutrition-related communication, and scientifically supporting decisions. Buenos Aires, mayo de 2018.


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