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IMO SYRUP: Arcor is once again a pioneer in food innovation

Arcor Group developed IMO syrup: a sugar substitute, with healthy characteristics and fewer calories than conventional syrup. It is the first 100% prebiotic produced in Argentina.

One of the work axes of Arcor Group is the continuous improvement of its products. To achieve this, Arcor generates knowledge in alliance and connection with the scientific and technical ecosystem of Argentina and of the world.

The IMO Fiber syrup (Isomalto-oligosaccharides) is one of our success stories. It is a sugar substitute with healthy characteristics. It is sweet and provides fewer calories than a conventional syrup and it is a soluble dietary fiber. In addition, it has a prebiotic effect, which helps the proper functioning of the intestinal flora contributing to the development of beneficial microorganisms over harmful ones.

In this way, it is possible to obtain functional foods by incorporating the appropriate dose of IMO.

Furthermore, the IMO Fiber syrup from Arcor Group is the first 100% prebiotic produced in Argentina. A prebiotic is a substance that promotes the growth and activity of bacteria beneficial to the intestine. Although in the local market there are other sources of soluble fibers - the part of the food that is not affected by the digestive process in the body - with a prebiotic effect, none of them is produced locally. For this reason, it represents an unprecedented scientific innovation in our country.

In addition, it effectively replaces ingredients that provide sugars such as glucose, sucrose or maltose syrup and it allows consumers to obtain products with the same quality as usual foods. In this sense, this ingredient allows the development of foods with a better nutritional profile, reduced in calories, with the addition of soluble fiber and without altering the texture and flavor.

Some of the products in which it is applied are: hard candies, ice-cream, chocolate, yogurt, jams, lollipops, nougat candies (turrones), juices and pastry products.

"Food innovation in Grupo Arcor not only occurs with new products, the company is also committed to creating new ingredients such as the IMO Syrup, which has allowed Arcor to maintain its leadership in food innovation within Latin America," says Gabriel Raya Tonetti, Corporate Manager of Research, Development and Innovation of Arcor Group.

How was IMO SYRUP produced?

The development of the IMO Fiber Syrup began in 2007 and was carried out through the technological collaboration with suppliers and scientific institutions. One of the main achievements of the team was to generate the modification of the Argentine Food Code, which incorporated to the IMO Fiber syrup in a new chapter called Miscellaneous in 2013.

"When we started this product idea, we were totally lost, there was very little reference, but we understood that it was not a common product and that it represented a great potential for the company. Personally, it represented a great technical challenge since it required numerous tests in the laboratory, new analytical techniques and linking with different research institutions. The corporate team supported us. I think that it was also a challenge for them, and they committed and engaged with it as well. Currently we are very anxious and with great expectations with the launching of the product, and we also feel great satisfaction for all that we have achieved so far". Mariano Nieva, Development Assistant.

These advances were achieved through collaboration and strategic alliances with actors such as Dupont, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the UBA (National University of Buenos Aires), CEPROCOR, CERELA. Center for Research and Development in Food Criotechnology (CIDCA), and the University of La Plata.


Due to the development of the IMO Fiber syrup, in 2016, Arcor Group received an award from the Professional Association of Health and Food (APSAL, as per its initials in Spanish). It is a recognition of the excellence of products and services of the Food, Ingredients and Supplements Production Industry, Agricultural Industry, the Nutraceutical Industry and the Consumer and Communication Services Industry.

Undoubtedly, the IMO syrup represents a milestone in the research and development of science applied to food in Argentina. The benefits it brings to healthy nutrition and the innovative nature of each of the processes involved in its production, represent the values of Arcor Group’s Food and Healthy Lifestyle Strategy.

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