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Arcor Foundation Launches a Global Campaign to Add an Emoji of Girls and Boys Playing

It is an initiative to promote and raise awareness of the right to play and its essential contribution to children's healthy development, through the addition of an emoji of girls and boys playing.

Buenos Aires, September 2018. The Arcor Foundation Argentina, Brazil Arcor Institute and Arcor Foundation Chile together with Plaga Digital and Social Media Trends launched the campaign “Un emoji de niñas y niños jugando” (An Emoji of Girls and Boys Playing) to promote and raise awareness of the right to play and its importance in children's development.

Although children make up a quarter of the world's population (approximately 2 billion), they are not fully represented in the 'emoji' universe through one of the main activities for their development — that is, play. The only displays of girls and boys in emoji language are incomplete and do not show them playing or moving, despite these being activities inherent to childhood, indispensable for ensuring their healthy development. The only “people on the move” that emojis show are adults. For this reason, the Unicode Consortium (emoji language administrator) was formally asked to accept the emoji of boys and girls playing so that it can be used as a medium of digital expression millions of times throughout the day.

How to join the #girlsandboysplaying campaign?

  • By visiting and signing the petition, so that Unicode Consortium accepts it.
  • By “liking” or “sharing” the #girlsandboysplaying campaign video on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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