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Arcor Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Habits in Recreo

Arcor Group held the second edition of the educational program “Aprendiendo a Disfrutar” (Learning to Enjoy), which is part of its Sustainability Policy. In this first stage, the children's comedy “Supersaludable” (Superhealthy) was presented.

Recreo, Catamarca, April 27, 2018 - For the second year in a row, in the city of Recreo, Arcor Group and Arcor Foundation carried out the Aprendiendo a Disfrutar (Learning to Enjoy) initiative, a corporate program to promote healthy lifestyle habits in children. This initiative is part of the commitment to active life and healthy nutrition, which is part of the Company's Sustainability Policy.

This year, the children's comedy “Supersaludable: en el maravilloso mundo de los alimentos” (“Superhealthy: In the Wonderful World of Food”) was presented. The aim of this comedy is to raise awareness about the importance of having a balanced diet, by highlighting the benefits of each food, sport and hydration.

The play was performed on April 25th and 26th at the Gustavo Federico Martínez Cinema Theater, in conjunction with the Regional Inspectorate under the Ministry of Education of the province of Catamarca. There were 1,500 attendees, of which 1,300 were boys and girls from 6 educational institutions. The following authorities and representatives of local institutions were present: officials of the Executive Power of the Municipality (Culture, Education, Health and Social Action Departments); Councilors and officials of the Legislative Branch of Recreo; the Regional Supervisor of the Ministry of Education of the province, Stella Morales de Pardo; police authorities; members of the Community Management Board; Martín Griguol, Manager of the Arcor Industrial Complex in Recreo, representatives of Arcor Foundation; representatives of Arcor Group and authorities of local institutions.

The program promotes awareness about the importance of a varied, harmonious and balanced diet. In addition, through the comedy Superhealthy (Supersaludable), the program seeks to reinforce the strategies within school projects by helping teachers with training sessions and the delivery of educational material.

In 2017, the proposal attracted more than 1,650 boys and girls from the primary schools and public and private institutions of Recreo, supporting 6 projects that foster an active life and healthy nutrition.

In the coming months, “Aprendiendo a Disfrutar” (Learning to Enjoy) will reach Luján and Salto in the Province of Buenos Aires, to continue helping children to have a balanced and emotionally pleasant diet that, combined with physical activities essential for human beings, will allow them to live healthier lives.


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