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Arcor's president heads one of the few Argentine companies renowned all over the world.

Everyone in Argentina has eaten, at least once, an Arcor product. Whether it is a product under the brand Bon o bon, Águila chocolate, Mogul, Rocklets, Saladix or Sonrisas. But not only in our country, but all over the world, since the Arcor Group's brands are present in more than 120 countries.

Luis Pagani is currently the president of Arcor Group, a company internationally recognized for being the first global producer of hard candies, with 47 industrial plants and more than one million points of sale in Latin America, and for launching as many as 200 products annually. For all these reasons, Luis Pagani has won this year's Fortuna Award for Business Track Record (Trayectoria Empresarial), an award that Eduardo Elsztain, Alfredo Coto, Eduardo Eurnekian, Carlos and Alejandro Bulgheroni received in previous editions, among others.

“This award is important for Arcor as a company, for my family and for me as a businessman. Arcor was founded in 1951, and for an Argentine company to be this old is of great value. It is a great merit to have reached this age. For the family it is also very important, because Arcor is a company that was started by a group of friends and belonging to Arcor is an honor. And on a personal level, as an entrepreneur, to be a businessman in Argentina means making decisions, most of the times, 24 hours a day. And these are decisions that many times go one way and sometimes go the other way. An award like this one is a sign that Arcor as a company, and I as an entrepreneur are on the right track”, said Pagani.

Under the management of Luis Pagani, Arcor has always taken steps forward in its business. Arcor has not settled solely for the production and commercialization of consumer food products such as confectionery, chocolates, ice-cream, cookies and crackers and food in general, but has diversified its business and is currently present in two other business units, namely, agro-industry and packaging. In agribusiness, Arcor is the leading corn flour producer in the country, with 5 production units, seven dairy farms and one biomass power plant. With regard to packaging, following the 100% acquisition of Zucamor, Arcor became the largest producer of recycled paper in Argentina and an important leader in South America.

According to Luis Pagani, Arcor's success has no secrets. “While I was in charge of Arcor, I had to navigate through three major crises. Sometimes one can see crises coming, they happen inexorably, and one has to protect the Company and the people. I have already experienced these situations and I have learned to live with them. Yet, Arcor's history is not only about successes, because there were many businesses that did not take off. Let’s take biotechnology as example, in the 1970s we had an enzyme manufacturing company. It was the fourth manufacturing plant with such characteristics and the first in Latin America. At the time we thought that the business was not going well, but if we consider how far biotechnology has progressed, in hindsight, I believe it was a bad decision.

As regards Arcor´s business today, I could say that 60% of our launches are successful and 40% fail. In our confectionery dynamic, the market demands constant launches because our consumers are kids who are always asking for more.”


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