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Arcor Group Presents “Your Right Portion Size”

The “Your Right Portion Size” program helps people to easily recognize, through a logo, the recommended amount of food intake eaten as snacks.

Buenos Aires, September 2018. As part of its Food and Healthy Lifestyle Strategy, Arcor is presenting the “Your Right Portion Size” program. Under the premise that a healthy life is a balanced life, whereby indulging oneself and taking care of one's health go hand in hand, the Company offers consumers a varied and balanced diet that includes all types of food in its right portion sizes.

According to a survey conducted by Datos Claros for Arcor in July of this year on how people eat between meals: 70% of the respondents said that they eat snacks on a regular basis, and 66%, that they usually reward themselves with confectionery, cookies and crackers, snacks and desserts. In terms of frequency, 65% of respondents said that they eat snacks on a daily basis, one or more times a day, with women snacking more often than men, 73% vs. 52%. Likewise, 63% reported that snacks have a positive effect on their state of mind by boosting mood.

In this context, the “Your Right Portion Size” program helps consumers decide what and how much to eat at each snack, since it provides consumers with products of optional consumption packaged in individual portions with a specific weight and calorie limit. The products included in the program are identified with a logo stating that they are specially packaged in recommended individual servings or, when the packaging is larger, it indicates the suggested serving.

“At Arcor we are always in tune with the advancement of science and consumer trends, just as we are constantly listening to our consumers. “Your Right Portion Size” is a testament to this. We are proud to launch this pioneering program in Argentina, whereby we intend to continue promoting a healthy life based on a varied and balanced diet”, said Marcelo Siano, Arcor’s Consumer Food General Manager in Argentina and Southern Subsidiaries.

Since 2016, Arcor has been working on a strategy focused on food and healthy lifestyle habits, embodied in scientific innovation, educational and information actions related to healthy lifestyle habits and the adjustment of the product portfolio. In this regard, the nutritional component reflected in its new products and in the improvement of the nutritional profiles of existing products is an important aspect. In this way, and convinced that eating is nourishing oneself, obtaining satisfaction and building relationships, Arcor Group promotes healthy lifestyle habits based on a varied and balanced diet.

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