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69th Anniversary: More Arcor than ever

We celebrate a new anniversary in an unexpected context in which, with the commitment that characterizes us, we continue working to move forward, more united and stronger than ever.

The story of Arcor is like a dream, starting in the shape of a candy and growing to become one of the most important food companies in the region. It all began 69 years ago on July 5th 1951 as the idea of ​​a few which was strengthened by the work of many.

The Five Stages of Grupo Arcor: 

A candy factory

Arcor candy factory opened its doors on July 5th 1951 in the town of Arroyito in Cordoba, Argentina. This first step was led by a group of young entrepreneurs, directed by Fulvio Pagani, who had one clear objective: to make quality products accessible to all. 

A multi-product company

By 1970, Arcor was already a multi-product company. It had added lines of chocolate, cookies, and other food types, and had a retail distribution model that was evolving alongside the company. Little by little, the transition process became an international vocation, which allowed the company to start to export.

The early regional projection

Arcor’s early regional projection was key in setting the course. A decade later, the value of Latin American integration and the potential development of a common market loomed. Under a strong export policy, commercial offices were established in Paraguay and Uruguay. In 1980 the productive expansion began with the acquisition of Nechar S.A., a candy factory in San Pablo, Brazil, and was followed by the purchase of Alimentos Indal S.A in Chile in 1989. At this moment, an emblematic brand was born: Bon o Bon.

The consolidation of the multinational 

The 90s brought the consolidation of its multinational character, with the opening of commercial offices in the United States, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, in addition to the construction of different industrial plants in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru. In 1993, Luis A. Pagani, Don Fulvio’s eldest son, assumed the direction of the company and under whose leadership Arcor achieved an evolution in every way.

A group in constant evolution

Evolution has been the guide that transformed the dream of young entrepreneurs into a leading multinational group that offers food products for all times of day and consumption occasions, reaching more than 100 countries. Currently, Grupo Arcor is made up of three business divisions: Food for mass consumption (Food, Chocolate, Cookies, Candies, Icecreams, and Functional Products), Agribusiness, and Packaging. Thanks to sustainable management - which cuts across all areas of the company and its value chain - they developed leading brands that reach people all around the world. Arcor has commercial offices in America, Europe and Asia, and has more than 40 industrial plants in Latin America. 

This continuous growth was fueled by acquisitions and strategic alliances with different companies, including La Campagnola, Danone, Grupo Bimbo, Coca-Cola, Mastellone Hermanos, Zucamor, Laboratorios Bagó and Grupo Webcor.

The story does not stop here. It continues to be built ever day thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit that continues to be present in Arcor’s DNA, allowing the company to continue growing and look towards the future. Stronger, closer, and more Arcor than ever.


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