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What you love, turned into ice-cream

Get to know all Arcor’s arrivals that were a sensation this summer.

For 14 years, Arcor Ice-Creams has consolidated its position as an ice-cream leader in the Argentine market. Inspired by the preferences of our consumers, we offer the best ice-cream combinations, taking our most emblematic confectionery and chocolates brands such as Cofler, bon or bon, Tofi, Aguila, Rocklets, Mogul or Chocolinas, from the kiosk tray to the freezer.


New Releases of the Season

For the 2018-2019 season, we presented more than 10 unique products.
Among the most indulgent bets was Arcor’s popsicle, which allowed the company to take to the kiosk the experience of eating a handcrafted ice-cream. These popsicles come in 4 flavors, with high-quality ingredients and tasty fillings.
To reach this unique product, a new mold was developed, with an innovative filling technology that guarantees that the filling is in 60% of the popsicle to be enjoyed in several bites. In addition, the strawberry and whipped cream flavors are part of our Tu Porción Justa (Your Right Portion Size) program, which helps to have clear information to give yourself a treat and take care of yourself at the same time.
In the freshest proposals, our Slice line was redesigned, with a more modern approach. They are low-calorie ice-creams, with pulp, juice and natural fruit pieces. They are a tasty and healthy option inside the kiosk’s freezer. In addition, we launched the new Multifruit flavor -one of the best-selling flavors- and which only has 62 calories. You can enjoy the whole line in Tu Porción Justa (Your Right Portion Size).
For children, like every season, we develop fun and innovative products. This year, and in line with the world’s trend, we launched Unicorns, which has a unique mold of 30 cm high. It is also part of Tu Porción Justa (Your Right Portion Size) program. This helps moms and dads with information so that kids have a balanced diet. In addition, the little ones can have fun with Didon, an ice-cream with a zombie finger shape.

 Did you know that in recent years, the coolest area of the country is the Eastern Coast region that stretches from Mar del Plata to Ushuaia?

Arcor Ice-Creams is Also Sustainable

Arcor is committed to the environment, so it works with cutting-edge technology in freezers ensuring the lowest energy consumption available in the world. We are pioneers in the recycling of freezers and we recycle all components that we can still be used.

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