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  • Juan Salvador Agraz N° 50 Piso 3. Santa Fe
  • México DF - México
  • Telephone: (00521) 55 52 92 62 31
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In 2007, Mundo Dulce –Arcor and Bimbo's joint venture– was created with the aim of manufacturing sugar and chocolate confectionery in Mexico in order to supply the domestic and exports markets.

Through this agreement Arcor acquired a new plant in the city of Toluca which has an annual installed capacity of 30,000 tons. In this way Arcor has acquired a significant share of the local market.

Mundo Dulce specializes in the manufacture of bonbons, filled candies, chocolate tablets, chocolate shapes, lollipops and different types of chewing gum. All these products are adapted to satisfy the tastes of Mexican consumers.

In turn, the company has been maintaining, for some years, a distribution alliance with Arcor Group for Bon o Bon brand.

The main brands which are commercialized in the region include Bon o Bon, Nikolo, Sapito, Poosh and Butter Toffees.

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Personal Data Protection Policy

In compliance with the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in possession of individuals (the “Law”) and their corresponding regulations, engaged in the protection and privacy of the personal data (the “Data”) of the holders (the “Holders”), Unidal México, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter “Unidal”), domiciled at Juan Salvador Agraz, No. 50 – 3, office 301, Col. Desarrollo Urbano Santa Fe, CP 05348, Mexico D.F., places its Personal Data protection Policy at the disposal of any interested party (the “Policy”.)

The Human Resources area will be the responsible for the protection of personal data (the “Responsible”) and they will be able to be communicated by any of the following ways: (i) directly at the company domicile; (ii) through a telephone call to the following number: (52) 55 5292 6231; or (iii) by the following e-mail address: 

The Data received by Unidal, being these general, sensitive or patrimonial, will be treated keeping strict administrative, technical and physical controls and safeguarding their non-authorized use. The Data will be treated without exception within a legal framework and only for those purposes described in the respective privacy notices, complying with high security and confidentiality standards at all times. In case there is any vulnerability produced to the holder’s Data, Unidal will notify them about this and will take the necessary corrective measures complying with the applicable legal dispositions.

The Holder, in relation with their Data, will be able to exercise their rights “ARCO”, or Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Objection established in the Law by the application, Unidal places at their disposal for such effects (the “Application”), having previously required it to the Responsible by any of the ways above mentioned. The Holder will have to accredit their identity through the sending of a photocopy of any official identification or act on behalf of a third party, which will have to present a copy of a public deed of the power of attorney or a simple power of attorney, as appropriate, as well as an official identification.

Unidal will have a maximum of twenty business days' term, starting from the date in which they have received the Application, to communicate to the holder if it was accepted or not. In case the application is accepted, Unidal will make the corresponding modifications in the next fifteen business days. The terms above mentioned can be extended once for an equal period if and when it is authorized by Unidal. Unidal will respond in due time and manner to the presented Applications, complying at all times with what is established by law. Likewise, Unidal will be able to deny the access, rectification, cancellation or objection to the Holders’ personal data in the assumptions provided by the Law and its Regulations.

Unidal reserves the right to modify this Policy to its entire discretion. Any modifications will be displayed in this same manner with the objective of finding and maintaining the Holders duly informed at all times.

Unidal is committed to protecting and safeguarding the Holders’ rights regarding their Data. If you are Holder of personal data, please do not hesitate in contacting us in order to answer your questions, comments or worries in relation to this Policy.