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World Food Day: We recognize our food heroes

On a special day, and in a special year, we join the FAO proposal to recognize the #FoodHeroes, who, despite the coronavirus context, work to produce and distribute food.


Every 16th October since 1979, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) celebrates World Food Day, with the aim of raising awareness of the world's food problems and strengthening solidarity in the fight against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

This year, the date is commemorated in the context of the crisis unleashed by COVID 19. Therefore, under the slogan “Cultivate, nurture, preserve. Together ”, FAO proposes to draw attention to the #FoodHeroes, those workers who maintain access to safe and nutritious food and ensure that they arrive safely from the farm to the table.

At Grupo Arcor, we join this initiative to recognize and value our food heroes: our collaborators. Thanks to their commitment, we managed to keep the production chain running and continue supplying to our consumers despite the health emergency context.

We choose to be where we need to be.

Thanks to the efforts of our food heroes, we not only continue to reach consumers' tables, but also accompany, through the donation of non-perishable products, organizations that provide direct food assistance to the most vulnerable sectors, those that were most impacted by this crisis.

We developed the "Emergency Food Aid Program" which, at the end of its implementation, will cover a total of 200,000 dinner rations and more than 65,000 snack rations.

In addition, we carry out a donation system through which, since the beginning of the pandemic until now, we have donated more than 891,000 kg of food to Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Angola and Spain. The delivery of these foods is channeled through organizations that directly serve the most vulnerable populations. In Argentina it is carried out mainly through the Food Bank, Cáritas, other social organizations and public bodies present in the communities where we have an industrial presence.

Likewise, we were present on special dates: during Children's Month, we supported 244 organizations that allowed us to reach more than 120,000 children. At Easter, we delivered 20,000 chocolate eggs to 32 medical institutions and 70,000 to the Food Bank; and in Sweetness Month we sent sweets to more than 600 children who attend community centers in Jujuy, Córdoba and Buenos Aires.

Regarding our work and commitment to contribute to organizations that maintain direct links with people in vulnerable situations, Gastón Aranda, Head of Logistics of the Argentine Food Bank Network, comments: “Arcor is a strategic ally of the Food Banks of Argentina. Efforts to avoid food waste have not stopped at any point since the APSO began. In addition, the company delivered food with commercial aptitude to sustain the food assistance in Buenos Aires, Córdoba and La Plata, where there are great needs and where the measure was longer ”.

Today more than ever and, especially on this Food Day, we want to honor our #FoodHeroes and highlight the commitment they have had from the start. Thanks to them we continue to be present at the table of our consumers and we are able to contribute food to those sectors most in need in this current context.

 "Together, we are more Arcor than ever"


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