The brand par excellence of the company

Arcor is the Company’s most iconic brand. Its strategic importance is because it plays a triple brand role. Firstly, it is the global corporate brand. Arcor is the name of the leading food and confectionery company and its name refers to the city and province where the Company was founded (ARroyito – CORdoba).

Secondly, Arcor is a leading product brand in the domestic and international markets, which participates in the confectionery, chocolates, food, cookies & crackers and ice-creams segments. Therefore, when we talk about Arcor, we should necessarily mention the diversity and variety of products and category the brand encompasses.

Thirdly, Arcor serves as a seal or guarantee of other brands owned by the Company, such as: Bon o bon, Cofler, Mogul, Butter Toffees, amongst many others.

All Arcor branded products make each moment of life become a special, unique and magical moment. Therefore, they are chosen to be enjoyed and shared by children, youngsters and adults.