Our Story


  • Linea del Tiempo - 1951/1960
    • 1951

      July 5, Arcor is born.

    • 1958

      It reaches a daily production of 60 thousand kilograms of candy.

    • 1959

      It starts to be its own provider of strategic supplies.

    • 1960

      It opens up a plant for the conversion of flex containers in Villa del Totoral, Córdoba, Argentina.

  • Linea del Tiempo - 1964/1975
    • 1964

      It closes its first export deals.

    • 1970

      • It opens up a plant in Tucumán, Argentina.
      • Starts to participate in the ISM Confectionery Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany.
    • 1972

      It opens up a food plant in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentinaa.

    • 1975

      It opens up a cookies plant in Villa del Totoral, Córdoba, Argentinana.

  • Linea del Tiempo - 1976/1980
    • 1976

      It sets up commercial offices in Paraguay.

    • 1978

      It opens up a food plant in San Pedro, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

    • 1979

      It sets up commercial offices in Uruguay.

    • 1980

      Cartocor S.A. is created. A corrugated cardboard plant is opened up in Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina.

  • Linea del Tiempo - 1981/1991
    • 1981

      It sets up in San Pablo, Brazil by incorporating the candy company Nechar.

    • 1989

      It sets up in Santiago de Chile by incorporating Alimentos Indal.

    • 1990

      It begins its commercial activities in Bolivia.

    • 1991

      Fundación Arcor is born. It is the expression of the social responsibility of the Group.

  • Linea del Tiempo - 1993/1994
    • 1993

      • Accountant Luis A. Pagani assumes the presidency of Group Arcor.
      • Arcor acquires the Argentine chocolate company Águila Saint.
      • It sets up commercial offices in the United States.
    • 1994

      • It opens up a model plant of chocolates in Colonia Caroya, Córdoba, Argentina.
      • It opens up the sugar factory La Providencia in Tucumán, Argentina.
  • Linea del Tiempo - 1995/1997
    • 1995

      It opens up a model cookie plant in Salto, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    • 1996

      It opens up a candy factory in Chancay, Peru.

    • 1997

      • It opens up its third corrugated cardboard plant in Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
      • It acquires LIA, a well-known cookie company in Argentina.
      • It creates the Arcor Museum in Arroyito, Córdoba, Argentina.
  • Linea del Tiempo - 1998/1999
    • 1998

      • It acquires Dos en Uno, leader Chilean confectionery factory.
      • It consolidates itself as the first world-level producer of candy.
      • It sets up commercial offices in Equator.
    • 1999

      • It opens up a chocolate plant in Bragança Paulista, Brazil.
      • It renews its visual identity.
  • Linea del Tiempo - 2000
    • 2000

      • Luis A. Pagani, President of Group Arcor, is the first Latin American businessperson to enter the Candy Hall of Fame, in NCSA.
      • It sets up new commercial offices in Mexico and Colombia.
      • New Distribution Center in Chile.
  • Linea del Tiempo - 2001
    • 2001

      • 50° Anniversary of Arcor.
      • Commercial offices in Canada.
      • Luis Pagani is the first non-North American businessperson to be nominated for a Kettle Award, granted by Candy Industry Magazine.
      • Productive Agreement with Brach’s, a leading US company.
      • It acquires Nestlé’s Brazilian brands Kid's, Poosh, Amor, Pirapito and 7 Belo.
  • Linea del Tiempo - 2002/2003
    • 2002

      • It sets up commercial offices in Barcelona, Spain.
      • Productive and commercial agreement with Nestlé Argentina S.A.
    • 2003

      • Cartocor S.A. receives a Total Productive Maintenance Award in Japan.
      • Arcor do Brazil launches the project Tamar-Ibama, one of the most significant environmental and scientific projects at the present time.
      • Group Arcor is designated one of the 50 strategic Wal-Mart suppliers at world-level, and it is recognized as the best provider in Argentina.
  • Linea del Tiempo - 2004
    • 2004

      • It opens up its third Converflex plant in Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
      • It creates the Instituto Arcor Brasil.
  • Linea del Tiempo - 2005
    • 2005

      • As a result of the association with Danone Group, Bagley Latinoamérica S.A. is born. It is the biggest cookie company in South America.
      • Arcor enters the ice cream business in Argentina and then the expansion stage to other countries in the region starts.
  • Linea del Tiempo - 2006
    • 2006

      • It acquires the traditional Argentine company Benvenuto S.A.C.I., leader in food products in the local market. It now adds three new factories located in Choele-Choel (Río Negro), Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires) and San Martín (Mendoza).
      • It sets up commercial offices in Venezuela and South Africa.
  • Linea del Tiempo - 2007/2009
    • 2007

      • It opens up a new plant in Chile.
      • It opens up a new plant in Pernambuco, Brazil.
      • It sets up commercial offices in China.
    • 2009

      Arcor renews its visual identity by changing its old slogan for the new one “Alimentando Momentos Mágicos” (Nourishing Magical Moments), it also creates “Arcorito”, a corporate character that accompanies the institutional isologotype.

  • Linea del Tiempo - 2010/2011
    • 2010

      Arcor establishes a strategic alliance with Coca- Cola for cobranding and joint-development of new products.

    • 2011

      Arcor launches Arcor and BC powder-mix beverages into the market. This major bet of the company placed it among the leaders in the category.

  • Linea del Tiempo - 2012
    • 2012

      • Fort the first time, Arcor competes in a growing market. It launches ARCOR Cereals. The short-term goal is to become the leader in the category.
      • La Campagnola, the traditional Argentine brand and member of Arcor Group, blows its first 100 candles.
      • Fundación Arcor turns 20 years of commitment with children for a greater future for all.
      • Cartocor, Group Arcor’s manufacturer of corrugated cardboard containers turns 30 years of leadership and sustained growth.