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Arcor is a leading industrial Group

Which specializes in the manufacture of foodstuff, sugar confectionery, cookies & crackers, chocolate and ice cream. It was born over 60 years ago as a candy factory in the city of Arroyito, Córdoba (Argentina), with the aim of offering quality products to consumers all over the world.

At present, Arcor is the main foodstuff Company in Argentina, the world's first hard candy manufacturer and the main exporter of confectionery of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru. Besides, Bagley Latinoamérica S.A., Danone and Arcor's joint venture, is one of the major cookies & crackers company in South America.

Arcor's products are manufactured in 47 industrial plants located in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru. With its management focused on the sustainability of the business and on social development, Arcor manufactures products that contain functional ingredients and provide energy for an active lifestyle.

Arcor includes leading brands highly valued by consumers which are commercialized in more than 120 countries.

Arcor Group is composed of the following companies:

Arcor, Bagley, La Campagnola and Cartocor.


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