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Confectionery is the business that gave rise to the Company and through which it is significantly recognized for innovation and constant growth.

Arcor is the world’s first manufacturer of hard candies and the largest company in the region regarding production capacity, production volume, sales and brand development.

It manufactures its products in 9 industrial plants (4 in Argentina, 2 in Brazil, 1 in Chile, 1 in Mexico and 1 in Peru).

With over 100 product launches per year and a high top-of-mind level of its brands, Arcor offers gratifying and functional products to the largest segment of consumers.

Its main brands include Topline, Bigtime, Poosh!, Menthoplus, Mr. Pop’s, Mogul, Butter Toffees, 7Belo, Alka and Big.

It has a great variety of confectionery products, such as candies (filled, hard, sour, crystal, and soft), milk candies, gummy candies, lollipops in different shapes, chewing gum (sugar-free or not), bubble gum, jellies, nougat candies (turrones), tablets, milk candies and marshmallows.

It also manufactures important seasonal products at regional level on relevant dates for consumers, such as Christmas and Halloween.



Mogul marshmallows.

Mogul Extreme

New line.


Arcor Stevia.

Natural Break

Launch of the apple variety.