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Arcor is the Company’s brand par excellence. Its name refers to the city and province where the Company was founded (ARroyito – CÓRdoba). Second, Arcor is a leading brand-product in the domestic and international market, which comprises the confectionery, chocolates, food, cookies & crackers and ice-creams segments.

Therefore, when we talk about Arcor, we should necessarily mention the diversity and variety of products and categories it encompasses. Third, Arcor serves as seal or guarantee of other brands owned by the Company, such as: Bon o bon, Cofler, Mogul, Butter Toffees, among many others.

All Arcor’s products make each moment of life become a special, unique, magical moment. Accordingly, they are chosen by children, youngsters and adults to enjoy and share.

Arcor was founded with the purpose of taking the most delicious confectionery to every place in the world. Over the years, the Company has grown to offer its consumers food, chocolates, confectionery, cookies & crackers and ice-creams, which make each moment magical and encourage good relationships. It also offers a wide range of products free from wheat, oats, barley, rye (TACC, as per its initials in Spanish) so that everyone may enjoy the Company's products equally. Nowadays, the Company has an important export vision and has strong presence in Latin American markets and in many countries around the world. Arcor's products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards so that consumers all over the world may enjoy them.


Nourishing every moment of the day

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