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Our Business




Arcor Group has important know-how in the manufacture of food products and it has five industrial plants in Argentina, which work with a strict selection of raw materials and state-of-the-art technological processes.

Its high-quality products are marketed under a portfolio of leading, highly valued brands recognized by consumers, such as: Arcor, BC, La Campagnola, Salsati and Presto Pronta, among others.

Arcor Group’s food division participates in more than 12 categories, such as marmalades, solid sweets, sauces, tomatoes, canned vegetables, fruits and fish, desserts, beverages, juice powders, premixes, polenta, dressings, dulce de leche (caramel spread), oils, seasoning mixes with oven bags, leading most of the segments in which it has a share.

Moreover, the Company has an important export vision and has strong presence in Latin American markets and in many countries around the world.



Mogul and BC jellies.

La Campagnola

It enters the category of seasoning mixes with oven bags.

BC Lemonades

Traditional, mint and ginger.

Arcor Powder Juices

New mandarin and peach flavors.