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Regional Social Investment: Committed to Childhood

At Arcor Group we are convinced that childhood is the Company’s great opportunity to improve itself, and that creating opportunities and protecting its rights is critical to achieve it.

Therefore, Arcor carries out a strategy of social investment in the region, reinforcing the commitment to promoting and contributing towards the children’s rights, as it has been doing since 1991 with with the Arcor Foundation in Argentina, since 2004 with Brazil Arcor Institute and since 2015 with Chile Arcor Foundation.

These three entities' mission is to "contribute so that education could be an equal opportunity tool for children".


  • Childhood and Healthy Life: promoting active and healthy lifestyle habits from childhood.
  • Children, Rights and Opportunities: seeking to mobilize different social players around the realization of Children’s Rights.

To this end, they support projects and initiatives that foster education opportunities, develop training processes and seek to put the issue on the social agenda, mobilizing all the players involved: the family, the school, the State, grassroots organizations and businesses.

25 years - Arcor Foundation