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Our Business

Industrial Chocolates

The Chocolate's Quality for our Customers

Our purpose is to add value to processes to provide quality chocolates to all our customers.


The business supplies chocolate as raw material to industries and the Food Service sector. Its purpose is to reach all market segments that use chocolate to manufacture their products. In addition, it seeks to develop the market, offering different training sessions to customers regarding the use and application of the products offered.

Arcor Group's Industrial Chocolates business ensures quality, good manufacturing practices, supply and delivery service. Key attributes for our target market's success.

We reached the Food Service sector including cake shops, baker's shops, confectioner's and ice-cream parlors, SMEs and large industries: dairy industries, industrial ice-cream parlors, factories of alfajores, puddings, panettone, cookies.


Products free from wheat, oats, barley, rye

(TACC, as per its initials in Spanish)

Training sessions

for entrepreneurs.


at Fairs.

Mapricuber is Arcor's professional leading brand in coatings to produce handcrafted Easter eggs aimed at providing entrepreneurs with the best quality in their final products.

Águila is the chocolate specialist brand that supports the handcrafted market growth with a line of products that ensures an excellent result in all preparations.


Our Industrial Chocolate Manufacturing Plants