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Saladix is ​​the brand of salty snacks, innovative and fun. It is characterized by its wide range of products, with novel releases and unforgettable advertisements.



In 1995, Saladix was born with its classic baked snacks, thus initiating its first steps to later become the specialist in flavors that it is today.

The brand knew how to gain a place in the hearts of Argentines, especially teenagers. In 2014 Saladix enlarges with its snacks of copetín, in formats and flavors that surprise constantly: fries, corn snacks and sticks. Today you can get the original taste, Cheddar, Barbacoa and Picanto chips, corn snacks Quesitos, Panchitos, Baconcitos and Pizzitas, and Cross Sticks with their unique pizza flavor.


Your favorite foods made snack!