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About Arcor

Agribusiness Today

The creation of the Agribusiness Division was encouraged by the vision to continue increasing our competitive advantages and the unbeatable agro-industrial conditions that our country offers.

The Agribusiness purpose at Arcor is to add value to the agro-industrial processes to provide new and better solutions to the different industries that undertake the commitment to quality in all their products.

In line with this goal, by mid-2015, a new and modern corn wet milling plant began operating at the Complejo Industrial Arroyito (Arroyito Industrial Complex), which is engaged in manufacturing fructose, primarily intended for producing soft drinks, flavored water and juices, among other products. Thus, Arcor expanded its milling capacity by 80% and consolidated in the market as a key player in the non-alcoholic beverages sector.

Nowadays the Group produces fructose, maltose, glucose, corn starch, corn flour, semolina and corn oil in five production units engaged in corn milling, also generating a significant number of by-products used for animal feeding. Furthermore, it is one of the Argentine leaders in producing grain ethyl alcohol and produces 135,000 tons of sugar every year at its La Providencia sugar mill in Tucumán. In addition, it is one of the main Argentine milk producers, with 75,000 daily liters in seven industrial dairy farms.





tons of milled sugarcane per year.


tons of milled corn per day.

Renewable energy

11 MV generated at La Providencia.