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Our Commitments

General Commitment to Sustainable Development

- Establish a sustainable process management, based on balance among the economic, social and environmental aspects.

- Foster the comprehensive development of the communities in which we act and contribute to the sustainable development of the regions where we operate.

- Support and respect the protection of human rights within our area of influence, ensuring not to be accomplices in cases of infringements of these rights.

- Facilitate and sponsor actions and projects to promote sustainability and human development.

- Apply the best practices of environmental preservation, minimizing and compensating the impact of our operations.

- Promote awareness and training programs, seeking to make each member of the Company and the whole value chain, as active agents, aware of building a corporate culture committed towards sustainability.

Value Chain

The implementation of Arcor’s Sustainability Strategy and Policy considers our impacts in a broad sense, throughout the entire value chain, mapping the processes and actors involved, with the aim of developing innovative practices to create shared value, identify and manage the main risks and maximize the economic, social and environmental opportunities in each of the links that comprise it: Supply, Processing, Distribution and Marketing, Consumers, End of Life

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    Distribution and Marketing.

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    End of Life.

  • 80 Arcor Group suppliers were trained on the ISO 20,400 Guide to Sustainable Procurement.
  • 320 participants in the Month of the Supplier in Arcor.
  • 20 small producers in the Cobra Project for mechanization of the cane crop.
  • 971 quality checks and food safety with suppliers.
  • 347 participating suppliers of the 2018 edition of the REconocer (Recognize) Program, Commercial Quality and Sustainability Index.

  • 42 sites with ISO 14001, 34 sites with OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Management) 18001, 51 sites with ISO 9001.
  • 550 collaborators formed 76 teams for continuous improvement within the framework of the Comprehensive Management System (SGI as per its initials in Spanish) Recognition.
  • 98% of the water used for our production comes from the intake of our own facilities.
  • More than 40% of the energy used by Arcor Group is of renewable origin.
  • 23 Community Relations Committees.

  • 90 sustainability initiatives in 8 Distribution Centers.
  • 94% of trained logistics middle managers.
  • 207 drivers trained in safe driving practices.
  • 509 retail customers trained in Chile.
  • + out of 160 Distributors from Argentina and Uruguay self-assessed on Good Practices in Sustainability.

  • 79,886 answered calls through the Consumer Service Department (SAC, as per its initials in Spanish) (1,430 Chile, 57,395 Argentina and 21,061 Brazil) with 9,4 / 10 telephone service average in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
  • Launching of the The Right Portion Size Program.
  • Listening to 17,880 people through market research.
  • Reduction of 18 to 47% of sodium content in canned vegetables, legumes and sauces.
  • More than 380 gluten-free products.

  • We stopped sending 2,600 tons of packaging materials to the market, reducing the impact on end-of-life of the materials' life cycle.
  • Packaging 60% compostable in Butter Toffees candies.
  • Recycling program with the "Antonio Da Costa Santos" Cooperative since 2013.
  • Inauguration of waste yard at the Bicentennial Plant of Chile.
  • Zero Waste Program in Brazil.

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